Direct Ph.D. Track


Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Science from the Hebrew University, and those who have a Bachelor’s degree from an equivalent institution in Israel or overseas who achieved a final Bachelor’s degree grade of at least 85, may apply for the direct Ph.D. track. This track allows them to study for the Ph.D. degree without the requirement of a final thesis, but they must take all the Master’s courses required in the teaching programs.

The student’s study program will be compiled together with the teaching program’s advisor to Master’s students and will include that teaching program’s regular program for the Master’s degree.

At the end of the first year and conclusion of all the courses that constitute the Master’s study program, and provided that he received an average grade of at least 85 in them, the student will take a screening exam which will establish his suitability to continue in the direct track. Registration for the exam is at the faculty secretariat for Master’s students.

Students for a Master’s degree whose overall Bachelor’s degree grade is above 85 and who completed the course requirements for the Master’s degree with an average of at least 85 can apply to transfer to the direct track. This transfer is subject to the recommendation of the teaching program and successfully completing the screening exam for the direct track.

The screening exam will focus on the research program submitted by the student before the exam and knowledge of background material in the studied subject, and will be on the level of a Master’s final exam. The research program will be broad and suitable for doctoral work. If necessary, only completion of the Master degree will be approved and in this case the screening exam will be considered as a Master’s exam.

The examiners committee will summarize and give written reasons for its decision as to the student’s suitability for the direct track. This opinion will be forwarded to the Committee for Research Students, together with a full report on the student’s achievements.
The candidate’s acceptance as a Stage B research student, his registration procedures, submission of subject for the Ph.D. dissertation, compulsory supplementary studies etc. will be conducted according to the the regulations of the Committee for Research Students.

Students in the direct Ph.D. track are entitled to a Master’s degree after they have successfully completed the quota of courses required for the Master’s, completed the direct track exam, submitted a research program approved by a committee on the behalf of the Authority for Research Students, and their research has shown real progress, attaining publication in the scientific press or a poster/lecture in a scientific conference. Consideration of their eligibility for a Master’s degree commences after approval of the transfer to Stage B in the studies toward the Ph.D.