Food on campus






Manza: Snack bar for hot meat dishes and felafel in the Administration Building, first floor.

HaPsanter: Buffet for hot food in a pleasant atmosphere with a piano that you can play.

HaSandwichia: Sandwich bar with customized Eastern selection near the northern entrance gate just before going down to Canada Halls and Cosell Center.

Sprinczak snack bar: Snack bar at the entrance to the Sprinczak Building where drinks and ready-made sandwiches are sold.

Café HaIvrit: Upscale vegetarian and vegan coffee shop at the entrance to the Cosell gym.

National Library Café: Snack bar serving salads and sandwiches for customized selection and fresh pastries. Located on the first floor with access to the cafeteria from inside the National Library.

Belgium House: Upscale buffet restaurant located inside Belgium House (discounts for students between 14:00 and 15:00).

Café Ross: Snack bar serving hot food and coffee at the entrance to Ross Building, a little southeast of the National Library.

Karnaf: Snack bar serving customized salads and sandwiches located in the Silverman Building on the entrance floor.

Miznon HaMeshek: Snack bar serving hot food at reasonable prices located near the Bergman Building.

Pinat Café Beshnekel of the Student Union: The Student Union runs a coffee and tea service at very low prices located at the Students Club in the teachers hut, between the Sprinczak and Berman Buildings. This service operates through a trust fund and is open until the late hours.

Microwaves for heating food from home: The Student Union is responsible for operating microwave stations for students. About six microwaves are located at the Students Club in the teachers hut and another at Canada Building.

Drinks vending machines: There are vending machines for drinks and snacks throughout the campus. They are mostly located on the entrance floors of buildings but sometimes also on higher floors.

Supermarket: There is one supermarket at “Rachavat HaElef” in the dormitories area.