Chaos Quantum Mechanics and Black Holes

A public lecture titled "Chaos Quantum Mechanics and Black Holes” was presented on campus on 25.6.2017 by Professor Stephen Shenker (Stanford University), see video .

Professor Shenker is a leading scientist in the study of the fundamental laws of nature and a former head of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics. The Engineering  Auditorium was packed and the scientific lecture was preceded by a charming string quartet played by students of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Sometimes progress in science comes from finding new connections between fields previously thought to be quite distinct.  In this lecture we will discuss, at a non-technical level, a connection uncovered in recent years between three deep concepts in physics: chaos, a property of  physical systems, for example the weather, that makes their future behavior extremely difficult to predict;   quantum mechanics, the basic framework for all known physical laws; and black holes, one of the most dramatic consequences of Einstein's theory of general relativity.