Dean's office

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שם תפקיד טלפון פקס דוא"ל
Prof. Jay Fineberg Dean of Faculty 02-6585355 02-6586978
Mrs. Sarit Barak Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty 02-6585355 02-6586978
Dr. Jacob Nissenbaum Vice Dean 02-6585356 02-6586960
Mrs. Ronit Narol Secretary of the Vice Dean 02-6585356 02-6586978
Prof. Danny Porath Vice Dean - Research 02-6586948 02-6586987
Mrs. Orna Bar Secretary of the Faculty 02-6586584 02-6585202
Mrs. Deecia Fermon Assistant to the Service Unit Management 02-6586586 02-6586978
Mrs. Galia Dolmatsky Faculty Controller 02-6584102 02-6584381
Mrs. Meital Lang Assistant to the Faculty Controller 02-6585294 02-6584381
Mrs. Ruth Lischinski Assistant to the Dean for Appointments and Promotions 02-6586090 02-6586978
Mrs. Yael Ben-Noun Faculty Personnel Manager 02-6585360 02-6586978
Mrs. Keren Bachar Assistant for Personnel Records 02-6585360 02-6586978
Mrs. Viviana Regev Faculty Computing Coordinator 02-6584841 02-6586978
Mrs. Zohar Kol Assistant to the Computing Coordinator 02-6586589 02-6586978
Mr. Oren Amadi Photocopying Services - Faculty 02-6584903 02-6585696
Mr. Michael Machfuda Teaching Areas Coordinators - Levi Building 02-6584903 02-6585696
Mr. Oren Amadi Teaching Areas Coordinators - Levi Building 02-6584903 02-6585696