Applications for new faculty positions

Position available at the National Natural History Collections.

Tenure track faculty positions, Fall 2022-23

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is committed to building a culturally diverse faculty and strongly encourages all applications.

The Faculty of Science at the Hebrew University seeks outstanding candidates for tenure track faculty positions at all levels for the 2022-23 academic year. Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree and significant post-doctoral experience is highly desired. 

Evaluation of candidates will be based primarily on originality, the potential for performing  ground-breaking research, high commitment for teaching. The candidate's sub-area of specialization will be considered too, as detailed at the Institute/School level (see appendix), yet we welcome applications in all areas of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer sciences and Engineering.

Candidates must demonstrate strong interest and track record in research, outstanding academic credentials, and a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching and graduate training. Successful candidates are expected to establish and lead an independent research team pursuing a state-of-the-art research program, and to contribute significantly to the undergraduate and graduate teaching programs of the Faculty.

Unless otherwise specified in the institute specific instruction pages below, each applicant should include:

  •  Curriculum Vitae  - see guidelines
  •  Updated list of publications, with notes on specific contributions to multi-authored publications - see guidlines
  •  Scientific biography (2-4 pages), where both the previous candidate's work and his/her future plans will be included
  •  Research Proposal
  •  Teaching interests and specific courses planned
  •  Previous teaching experience, including evaluation reports (if available)
  •  PDF files of 3 representative papers
  •  Recommendation letters from their advisors (Ph.D. and postdoctoral)
  •  A list of five experts who may be approached by the Faculty of Science to evaluate the candidate's qualifications for the requested academic position. Please specify the level of your acquaintance with the suggested referees and include at least two fellows with whom you have not collaborated.  Please do not approach these referees


  •  In order to check the deadline for submitting applications: Please click below on the name of the Institute to which you wish to submit your candidacy. 

Contact Person:

Ruth Lischinski
Assistant for academic Affairs
Faculty of Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Edmond J. Safra CAmpus, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem 91904 ISRAEL
Tel: 972-2-6586090


Institute of Life Sciences


The A. Silberman Institute of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University is looking for candidates for academic positions in the life sciences,

With an emphasis on the following areas:


Biochemistry, structural and molecular biology, proteomics and protein engineering
Systems biology, eco-genomics, bioinformatics and computational biology
Ecology, evolution, animal behavior in ecosystems, biodiversity and global environmental change
Functional genomics, epigenetics and the genetic basis of diseases
Cellular and developmental biology, stem cells, metabolism and embryology
Plant Biology (Development, Physiology and Biochemistry)
Neurobiology - with the exception of high brain functions (possibility for a joint position with the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Neuroscience)
Management of the biological collections in the Faculty of Natural Sciences - Candidates will be asked to promote academic research and teaching in the Faculty of Natural Sciences in combination with curatorship and development of research related to the collections. Outstanding candidates whose research is related to nature collections will also be brought up for discussion.
Job requirements:

Applicants must have a proven background in their field of research and present outstanding academic achievements as well as a commitment to teaching undergraduate and research students.
A doctorate in life sciences and / or medicine is required. The post-doctoral study period is highly recommended, although in exceptional cases the application may be considered even without a post-doctoral period.
The absorbed researchers are supposed to establish and lead an independent research group and take part in teaching existing courses and developing new courses.

Applicants must register and submit all the required documents through an online submission system, at the following link:

Applications will be considered throughout the year, but in order to allow for an optimal examination of the candidates, it must be submitted by September 30, 2021.
For more details, please contact Ms. Lia Brick, email:


Institute of Chemistry


The Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University is looking for candidates for academic positions:
1. In all areas of modern chemistry.
2. In the field of science and materials engineering
In order to enable an optimal examination of the candidates, the candidature must be submitted by September 28, 2021.

Prof. Uri Banin, Head of the Search Committee
Ms. Esti Ben-Shoan, Administrative Director, Institute of Chemistry

click here for ONLINE SUBMISSION


Institute of Earth Sciences

The Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites candidates for the academic staff for the academic year 2022-2023 (2013) in all academic levels and in all fields of research in the earth sciences.

Applicants must be excellent academically and research-wise and have an interest in teaching students for all degrees. Applicants must have a doctoral degree and except in exceptional cases, after a post-doctoral degree. Those admitted to the institute, after an in-depth screening and absorption process, will need to establish and lead independent research groups at the highest level, to be integrated into the teaching of basic courses as well as advanced courses in their areas of interest.

The application will be submitted in PDF files according to the instructions on the website of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, to Prof. Ari Matmon (if you encountered a problem and did not receive a certificate of submission, you can also send it to Ms. Ruthi Lishchensky at the faculty secretariat to: .


Applications must be submitted by October 15, 2021 (although we will also discuss cases that arrive late).
You can contact questions on any subject, and especially regarding the submission date, to Prof. Ari Matmon, Head of the Institute of Earth Sciences



Prof. Ari Matmon, Head of the Institute of Earth Sciences

Phone 02-6584686 Email

Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Israel invites potential candidates to submit applications for academic positions at all levels and in all fields of physics. More detailed information appears on the institute's website.

Institute of Mathematics

The Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University invites candidates for academic positions in the permanent track.

The Einstein Institute is known around the world as a center of excellence in research and teaching mathematics, and we are looking for candidates to help us continue our tradition of excellence and our efforts to continue to develop and improve even more. In rare and exceptional cases appointments for appointment with tenure will also be examined.

Applications will be made by e-mail to the head of the institute, Prof. Tamar Ziegler, and to the director of the administration, Ms. Yael Ben-Noun. Questions regarding the job application and the application process can be directed to the same e-mail addresses.



To apply, send the following items in English:

Resume - See guidelines on the faculty website

- List of publications, with comments on contributions to publications in case there are several authors (in mathematics it is customary to write the names of the authors in alphabetical order when the relative contribution of all authors is similar, if this is the case please indicate this in the list of publications).

- Scientific biography (2-4 pages) showing the previous work, plans for the future and a research program of the candidate. The two can be combined.

- A statement of instruction, describing the philosophy of instruction. It is better that you are anchored in the candidate's teaching experience. It is advisable to include a list describing teaching experience, and it is also possible to attach results of teaching polls.

- PDF files of up to three selected articles.

Names and contact details (including current institutional affiliation and email address) of the doctoral supervisor / supervisors and postdoctoral supervisors. Not all postdoctoral positions in mathematics have an official facilitator: if not, this should be explicitly stated and it is best to give the name of the local faculty member who has held the position closest to the postdoctoral facilitator.


- As an option, you can attach a list of several experts who know your work, whom the Einstein Institute can contact for a letter of appreciation.
 We choose the evaluators ourselves, taking into account the candidate's request, but always at least some of the recommenders will not be on the list provided to us (and therefore it is not advisable to give an overly detailed list of possible evaluators). You can also ask that we not turn to certain experts (hopefully most candidates this option is not relevant). Please indicate your degree of familiarity with the proposed evaluators.

Please do not contact the surveyed candidates in person - only letters that arrive, according to our request, directly from the evaluator / recommender will be taken into account for the examination of the candidacy.

In order to enable an optimal examination of the candidates, the candidature must be submitted by October 3rd, 2021.





Prof. Tami Ziegler, Inst. Chairperson -

Ms. Yael Ben-Noun, Administrative manager -



Department of Applied Physics


Department of Applied Physics of the Hebrew University
Invites potential applicants to apply for academic positions at all levels.

For more information: